September 21, 2021
boucher guitars in Canada

Boucher Guitars Review – A Canadian Favourite

Musicians searching for inspiration can find it by playing guitars. Acoustic guitars are part of every musician’s life (whether they’re on a small show or in a concert.) So, Boucher Guitars is here to give musicians high-quality guitars that are unique and timeless.

Since 2005, Boucher Guitars make a difference in the lives of music enthusiasts, performers, and of course, guitarists. Guess what? The Boucher Guitars dream doesn’t end here

The trusted guitar manufacturer continues to make a name not only in Canada (their home base, I bought my last Boucher guitar in Canada here) but also in Europe and the United States. If you’re not familiar with Boucher Guitars, then you might doubt If it’s an excellent guitar manufacturer or not.

Well, let’s put an end to your doubts by reading this review. Let’s begin.

Craftmanship and Style

Are you familiar with the Martin-esque style? Well, you find it in Boucher Guitars, but there’s a modern twist. Boucher focuses on classic designs that you would notice from the shapes and sizes of the acoustics.

For example, the orchestral models and dreadnaughts have traditional wood combinations. But you wouldn’t see ivory bonding on the guitar’s body. Instead, craftsmen prefer to use wood binding.

Unlike other guitar manufacturers, Boucher opts for a slim and contemporary look than the Martin style. (I think the style makes the guitars unique and convenient to use.) You would see a hybrid old style and contemporary touch that makes the guitar comfortable and playable.

Suitable for Your Style  

For guitarists, it’s rare to find a booming and bright sound in a guitar. (You can hear the booming side from Martins while the bright sound from the Taylor.) Good news! Boucher Guitars offer both of these to you.

I like the pleasing sound of the guitar, and the volume of these acoustics stands out. Most of the Boucher models are strong and loud, so expect lots of enjoyment playing your favorite song.

Budget-Friendly Acoustics

Do you think the guitars at Boucher Guitars are expensive because of high-quality wood material? Think again. Despite the excellent material and craftmanship, Boucher Guitars offers affordable products. For example, you can buy a $3,000 guitar and not resort to other acoustic guitar providers. (You can always buy awesome guitars at Boucher at an affordable price.)

Yes, Boucher might not have the brand awareness reputation, such as Bourgeois or Collings. But Boucher stands out when it comes the build and quality of the guitars.

What We Like  

  • High quality guitar models
  • Different guitar offerings
  • Affordable items
  • Excellent material and style combinations

What We Don’t Like

  • Some of the guitars are pricey
  • Slow customer service


Guitarists and musicians who want affordable and high-quality acoustics can visit Boucher Guitars and select the guitars they want. Here, they can find lots of guitar options that suit their style. The rich sound, appeal, and tune of the guitars are worth hearing.

Visit Boucher Guitars now and experience satisfaction! Here, you can choose and play guitars that meet your preference and style. Don’t miss buying your first guitar at Boucher Guitars!

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