September 21, 2021
boucher guitars

Boucher Guitars: The Best Made Canadian Guitars

The roots of Boucher Guitars can be traced back to 1968 when Norman Boucher started building dreadnought style models in La Patrie, Quebec. The guitars were the first to be manufactured in Canada under the name of Norman Guitars Inc. and were inspired by the famous C.F. Martin X bracing patterns.

When Norman decided to call it a day in 1988 by selling his trademark, his son Claude carried on the venture and continued to build acoustic guitars. Boucher Guitars was then launched in 2005 when Robin Boucher, Claude’s cousin, started to construct top-of-the-line acoustic models with the best wood available such as the renowned and exotic Adirondack red spruce.

Since then, each and every guitar has been built with expert craftsmanship with the quality being second to none. With the plant being located in the Canadian Appalachian mountain region, Boucher Guitars has access to the local spruce forests and uses the luxurious wood from the regal trees for the sound boards of their guitars.  I purchased mine my Boucher guitar in Canada from The Arts Music Store.

Every guitar is handcrafted by experienced and passionate artisans and it certainly shows in the finished product. Each guitar produces an exceptional tonal quality and is an elegant sight to behold. The guitars are well known for their sound and playability and are often found in the loving hands of some of the world’s best guitarists such as Brice Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, JP Cormier, Buddy Robertson, Richard Bennett, Jesse Siebenberg, Bill Elliot, Rob Abernethy and Jeff Nauss.

The dedication and hard work which goes into every Boucher guitar gives each instrument a unique personality and sound. However, every model can be counted on for the utmost in balance, richness and projection. Guitarists can easily express a wide range of emotions to their audiences when playing a Boucher guitar.

The company is are famous for its superior soundboards and also provide other guitar manufacturers across the globe with their product. They were the first company to introduce Adirondack red spruce soundboards to the world of acoustic guitars and were hailed as being one of the most innovative and creative guitar makers in the world.

Boucher isn’t satisfied with the accolades and resting on its laurels though as the company continues to research and refine the ancient art of making high-quality acoustic guitars. They constantly come up with ways to improve the instruments wherever possible without sacrificing the quality of sound and playability.

Boucher offers musicians of all genres a wide range of excellent acoustic guitars to choose from with their Studio Goose, Bluegrass Goose, Heritage Goose, 12-String, and Signature Series. There are numerous models available which are constructed from elegant, handsome woods such as African Bubinga, Brazilian Mahogany, Canadian Maple, East Indian Rosewood, and American Walnut.

All guitars come with hardshell cases, a rich gloss finish and superior quality tuners. They are also available in left-handed models and can be custom made to suit your personal musical tastes. Boucher Guitars may not be the most well-known name in the music business but it is one of the most popular and well-respected with guitarists who are looking to fully express themselves and their emotions in the studio and/or onstage.

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