June 13, 2021

How to Sell Your Old Phone for Cash

People are usually fond of always getting what is latest and what is new, especially when it comes to a brand new phone.  We just love our smartphones and can’t wait for the latest models to arrive.

Phones are a very useful technology that is an important tool for communication, the internet, taking photos and videos, and many more. Different big companies all over the world produce many brands of cellular phones and with different models that vary in prices being released every year. Latest models (especially the iPhone) with latest updates make everyone wants to purchase and let go of their old phones and selling it in different ways.

In selling an old phone, there are many things that needed to be considered. If the phone is still functioning well, does it have a defect, what model is it, and how old is it? And also, before selling it, ensure to erase all data and apps are backed up. Also check the files, documents and media such as photos, videos, and music were transferred or deleted securely for personal purposes. Properly eject sim cards and micro SD cards. After making sure that the phone is ready for selling, perform a factory reset to clean the personal accounts, email accounts, apps, and phone memory.  If you want to sell your phone online and also help animals in needs, check out Cell4Pets.com, they offer top dollar for devices and also donate a portion of the money to support no-kill animal shelters.

There are several simple techniques on how to properly dispose of old phones in a profitable manner by selling it. If the old phone will be sold personally, first thing to do is setting a price. Check the original price of the phone and start pricing it by yourself and visit some websites that deals and sells secondhand phones, then compare, and set now your price. Always remember that prices may vary due to the model of the phone. Another technique is going online, to auction and retail sites such as Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, and Bonanza. These sites are very helpful, and less effort will be exerted because many people buy and visit online sites. Next is asking around, in bulletin board in schools and some public places might also be a useful technique. Posting in a personal social media account can also have possible buyers. Asking friends, colleagues, relatives, and classmates if they are interested is also a good idea for selling an old phone.

But those techniques ate only possible if the phone is still in good condition, how about the broken and malfunctioning one? Well, it is not a problem. There are also some ways to still turn it into cash. ecoATM is a machine where phone will be put in there for checking and pricing. The phone will be checked by the machine if how much it should be paid for, and automatically cold cash will be in your hands. Best Buy and Walmart are some retailers offering trade-in programs, but unlike ecoATM, they do not pay in cash.

Reselling old phones to buy a new and latest model in the market is not always a bad thing. It only shows that practicality should always be practiced. Sell old things, use the money to replace it with a new one.

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