January 21, 2022

Using Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Smoking is considered as one of the common habits you will see while walking in the street. Men, women, and even the elderly are already exposed to it. Some are just trying to be remarkable. They thought that trying it can boost their confidence level. As you all know, a cigarette contains nicotine. It is a kind of drug classified as a stimulant that you won’t feel any symptoms whenever you try it, but your body craves for it that It can lead you to addiction. Smokers don’t get tired quickly, and they are more attentive compared to a person who didn’t smoke. Experts say that it can also cause a severe problem with your lungs and other parts of your body. Some smokers experience amputation because the chemicals embedded in the cigarette have already destroyed their flesh.

The government is also engaging with everyone’s health to call all smokers’ attention to join the smoking cessation. Smoking Cessation is a therapy to make the person quit smoking. It is where you should be responsible for improving your health with the absence of your vices and encouraging everyone to lessen the tendency to get serious illnesses coming from smoking. In the U.S., they conducted a survey about those people who wanted to quit smoking. According to their latest study in 2019, almost 60 percent of smokers from youth and adults have already stopped smoking. Some of them have tried to undergo medications and counseling.

Nowadays, there are many alternative ways to cure your addiction, like smoking. This is when the word Hypnosis popped up and was proposed to be used for smoking cessation. Hypnosis is defined as fantasizing. Although you are awake, you’d feel that you’re from another dimension. Using this method, you allow yourself to relax your mind, like sleeping while your senses are still aware and are functioning.

As you can see in other dramas or series, they tend to fall asleep when they are being hypnotized. Still, undeniably when the doer of Hypnosis asks something, they immediately respond like they are just awake. It has similarities with smoking. They both have the ability to make someone’s mind focus, and they will sustain your feeling of sleepiness.

There are many types of Hypnosis:

  • Guided Hypnosis – includes devices, applications, and sites for it to be delivered.
  • Hypnotherapy – is for those who are suffering from mental conditions.
  • Self-hypnosis – is for individuals who want to settle down their stress.

Though they have something in common, Hypnosis is much better. Why? Because Hypnosis can improve your mental sharpness and relieves stress. And it is not harmful, no chemicals involved. Unlike smoking, when you smoke, you take in nicotine. It will circulate throughout your body, and when you continually do it, you will notice that you are already diagnosed with severe disease or even lead you to death.

Trying the trends can bridge into new beginnings, but it will never continue if you know what it will turn out.

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